Fundraiser for Codebootcamp school (501c3)

Gaming Light Boxes

Don’t know if your kids a busy playing video games or reading a book? No problem, we have the perfect solution. A Gaming Light Box that helps inform you when your kids are deep into a video game!

This is a unique opportunity to support a local non-profit while buying a cool electronics gadget for your kids.

Get a Gaming Light Box and Support Our Non-Profit

During a normal “pre-Covid” spring, we would be busying planning various summer camps for kids – including Gaming Bootcamp and Hack Sioux Falls.

However, since things are not back to normal, we thought we would try something a little different. We designed and built these custom-made, Gaming Light Boxes for kids and now we are selling them as part of a fundraiser.

This project was designed and built by our Executive Director – Will Bushee – in his free time.

Minecraft Version

Fortnite Version

Roblox Version

Gaming Version

Reading Version

Gaming Light Box Design

Color Changing

Inside the box is six LEDs, two rapid change color LEDs and four bright white LEDs.

The color change LEDs quickly get out of sync and create random color patterns. Because they are fast-flashing, they provide a nice accent light to any room.

Capacitive Touch

The switch is a really cool capacitive touch sensor. These sensors make you want to press them!

Tap on, tap off, tap on, tap off… All Day Long!


Inside is a rechargeable lithium battery. Based on our calculations, this should run for 10-15 hours on a single charge.

(Your mileage may vary)

Limited Run

Yes, we are limiting this first run to only 20 light boxes!

Because they are custom made, we are setting this limit.

If demand is really high, we may consider opening another block.

Ordering & Shipping

We are going to ship them to people even if you live in Sioux Falls. This will allow us to work diligently on fulfilling orders instead of coordinating pick-up times.

Because these are being custom made – and we do not have 20 of them made right now – we will provide you with an estimated delivery time after each order is placed.

We anticipate being able to fulfill all orders within a week of being placed.

Where Do the Funds Go???

This is a fundraiser and all funds (minus supplies) are going directly to Code Bootcamp School. That means for every lightbox purchase, $42 is going to Code Bootcamp School for their programming.

Juvenile Detention Center (JDC)

Each week, we spend 90-minutes with the kids at JDC to teach them about computer skills while building a video game. This program has been ongoing for over two years and has been a huge success with the kids and staff.

Native American Gaming Camp

Each summer, we host multiple video gaming bootcamps for Native American kids around South Dakota. We host camps in Sioux Falls and around the state.

Hack Sioux Falls

Teaching kids about electronics has been one of our newest programs but has been hugely successful. Each camp takes place during the weekends and will last six to eight weeks.

Limited quantity

Buy Yours Today

Only twenty are being made available during this limited quantity run. Pick one up today before they are all gone.

You can call or text me at 605-610-9455 (Will) if you have any questions, comments or concerns.