We Love Our Sponsors

The only reason that Code Bootcamp School can host amazing camps and events for kids is because of our strong relationship with sponsors.

Without sponsors, our camps would need to be priced so high that no one could afford to have their kids attend. Sponsors significantly help offset the hard costs, allowing us to charge nominal fees to participate, typically between $50 and $200 depending on the length of the camp.

In addition to offsetting costs, we do offer scholorships for those who cannot afford to pay for our camps. Typically, this is about 10-15% of all students get free or reduced camp tuition.

And some camps we can offer entirely for free because of paid sponsorships, including our Native American Gaming Bootcamps and Cyber Patriot projects.

Does your business value us teaching kids about technology while helping build the next generation of a skilled workforce? You might be a great sponsor, we should talk.